michel Giliberti - triptyque - " L'obscure ouvre la volonté "- 100 x 100cm

Titre: Michel Giliberti - triptyque - " L'obscure ouvre la volonté "- 100 x 100cm
Description: Michel Giliberti - 1950

Titre : “ L’obscure ouvre la volonté “
Format : 100 x 100 cm
Support : Toile en Lin sur châssis à clés
Matière : Peinture à l’huile de Lin & d’oeillette
Technique : Glaçis, école Flamande
Période : Circa 2009
Thématique : "The Dark opens the desire" & "The Dark opens the eyes" & "The dark will open"
About instinctive and faith!
Sometimes you have to beware of these own senses and follow his instincts.
The five senses are sight, hearing, allowing us to hear the sounds, touch, smell, allowing us to smell the aroma and taste. Each sense works with part of the body we see with our eyes, we hear with their ears, touch with the skin, we feel the smell with your nose and you taste the food with the tongue.

Origine : œuvre triptyque composée de 3 œuvres :
Référence catalogue d’art : Contraste page 14 -15 – 16 ,
édition d’art ASGB

Price : 13000 € ( - 5,5% without tax framed and delivery )

Framed & delivery to your home by Federal Express in a wodden box .
Art asurance included up to the opening of the box.
with the certificat of authenticité and invoice.

- framed and delivery ,
The art assurance is included since the delivery and you verify inside.

Let me suggest, in cases where you want to acquire the three paintings of the triptych,
here are the three pieces for the price of two because I prefer that you complete all the three works

The triptych complet by the three paintings : 30 000 €

When you decide to purchase one or more original works, you can do bank swift transfer for simplicity.
For each delivery, we need your contact information, address, work and mobil phone.
When the boxes are ready, we will inform you before about the tracking number and date of delivery.

Best regards
Mr Hamid Benchaieb


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